Infinity Snoop Dog Scale: SNP-50 - Pack of 1

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Introducing the Infyniti: Snoop Dog SNP-50 digital scale, your ultimate weighing companion. Whether it's for cooking, crafts, or herbs, this scale can handle it all.

Precisely measure up to 50g with an accuracy of 0.01g, ensuring you get the perfect amount every time. And here's the best part – it comes with a whopping 30-year lifetime warranty, guaranteeing its performance for years.

With Snoop Dog's seal of approval, this scale merges style and function flawlessly. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to accurate measurements with the SNP-50 digital scale.

Total of 1 Infyniti: Snoop Dog SNP-50 digital scale. Measures up to 50g with a 0.01g accuracy.

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