Royal Blunts Wraps - Pack of 5

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Berries Hemparillo: 5 packs of 4 hemp wraps in each. Total of 20 individual Royal Blunts

Introducing Berries Hemparillo: Enjoy a delightful experience with 20 individual Royal Blunts, neatly packaged as 5 packs of 4 hemp wraps each. Indulge in the sweet fusion of berries as you roll your favourite herbs or tobacco.

Crafted for an easy, smooth roll, these hemp wraps add a touch of natural goodness to your smoking ritual. 

With Berries Hemparillo, elevate your moments with a burst of fruity essence and the satisfaction of a perfectly rolled smoke. 
Unwrap the joy of simplicity and flavour – one Hemparillo at a time.


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