KUSH Herbal Wraps

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The KUSH HERBAL WRAPS are made of natural herbs free from tobacco and other toxic substances. These KUSH HERBAL WRAPS are pre-rolled tubes that are flavoured with natural extracts.
These KUSH HERBAL WRAPS do not contain harmful chemicals and are, therefore, entirely safe to consume. The KUSH HERBAL WRAPS are legal herbal smoking tubes that are approved by the law.
The KUSH HERBAL WRAPS is safe for your body and does not affect your health. Our KUSH HERBAL WRAPS are safe to smoke, and the best thing is that KUSH HERBAL WRAPS burn slowly, and the flavour lasts longer.

3 packs of 2 wraps in each. Total of 6 individual KUSH: Berries wraps.

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