Manicure Set - Pack of 1

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Grooming your nails in salons might cost you high dollars, but if we say you have salon-like finish nails done at the convenience of your own house and in a budget-friendly manner?

Well, yes, you heard it right. Get salon finish nails done at home at a low cost with our brand new MANICURE SET. 

Our MANICURE SET contains different tools that clean, exfoliate and file your nails. You can now deep clean your nails and give them a nice massage with our MANICURE SET. 

Our MANICURE SET is convenient and can be carried along wherever you go. It easily fits even in a small purse or clutch. You can now easily file and do your nails while travelling outside with our MANICURE SET.

Total of 1 manicure set. Includes a nail cutter, nail filer, nail scissors, and a cuticle pusher.

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