Whizz Kit - Pack of 1

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Are you afraid that you might fail the drug test? Well, there is an option for everything here. The WHIZZ KITS is a device that shall help you pass the drug test.

WHIZZ KITS enables fake synthetic urine that contains similar chemicals. 

WHIZZ KITS is the first refillable urine novelty kit, the most authentic, refillable belt and the first unisex refillable urine kit available in the market.

It delivers a toxin-free urine sample through a rubber tube part of a lightweight apparatus that wraps around your waist and is worn under your clothing.

  • 4 oz of synthetic urine
  • 100% Cotton detachable elastic belt
  • 2 heat pads
  • Temperature strip (Body temperature is: 98.6°F degrees)
  • One 60ml syringe
  • One set of instructions

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